About us

Jacek Jerzemowski Law Firm assembles lawyers who specialize in providing legal services to the business sector.

We have extensive experience in comprehensive service of economic entities. Our knowledge lets us successfully conduct complicated projects related to economic turnover, ownership transformations, investment processes, insurances and indemnities, financial turnover and those issues which need expertise in administrative law.
We have experience in business

We operate in the authorities of various companies and we know how business operates in practice. This helps us better understand our Clients’ needs and apply the most effective instruments and legal solutions.

We are a part of the Client’s team

We always do our best to understand the Client’s structure and type of business to become a practical part of their team. We are flexible facing the Client’s expectations – always willing to devote our time for consulting and other actions in order to make the best use of our knowledge and experience.

Our offer

Jacek Jerzemowski Law Firm provides services in the field of economic activity on an ongoing basis, which include, among others:

  • Conducting negotiations,
  • Drawing up and expressing opinions about agreements,
  • Representing the Client in court disputes (before both common courts and courts of arbitration)
  • Representing the Client in administrative and fiscal proceedings.

Our Law Firm also deals with advisory activity in individual projects, e.g. legal analyses and audits, tax optimization and many others.

The lawyers working for our Law Firm can use their experience in the field of commercial law:

  • They are engaged in the establishment, merger, division, transformation and liquidation of commercial companies.
  • They provide services in the field of establishment of cooperatives, associations, foundations, commercial chambers and employers’ unions.

In the field of administrative law our Law Firm has extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Planning and spatial development,
  • Construction industry,
  • Environmental protection.

Our lawyers also represent clients:

  • before insurance companies,
  • in processes of liquidation of damages,
  • in all types of succession cases,
  • in property related cases,
  • and disputes about payments.
The Law Firm renders its services all over Poland.

Our experience

The Clients of Jacek Jerzemowski Law Firm include, first and foremost, entrepreneurs who run economic activity in various legal forms and of various volume – commercial companies, cooperatives, civil partnerships and enterprises conducted by natural persons on their own account. In fact, our Clients act in every branch of economy.

The Law Firm proposes legal service at every stage of activity:

from the commencement of economic activity

Operations related to the organization and registration of the economic entity.

while operating

Legal service in the field of negotiating contracts with commercial partners or drawing up draft agreements, solving conflicts via mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Support in the field of representing the entrepreneur’s interests before the bodies of public administration and authority, including the stage of building company capital.

Participation in the company organizational transformations (merger, division, change of legal form) or recovery.

at completion of economic activity

Legal advice in the field of liquidation, bankruptcy and recovery proceedings.

The Law Firm offers comprehensive services to the entrepreneurs acting as employers and proposes assistance in drawing up regulations, employment contracts and other documents. It also provides legal consulting in the matters of employees, including mediation and procedural service in case of court disputes.

Our Partners and Experts

Jacek Jerzemowski Law Firm specializes in the civil law issues, in a broad sense, in particular, those related to the following:

  • business turnover,
  • ownership transformations,
  • processes of privatization and restructuring,
  • property turnover,
  • intellectual property law,
  • protection of fair competition and personal rights.

The Law Firm also handles various issues in the following areas:

  • property insurance,
  • administrative law,
  • environmental protection,
  • labor law.

Lawyers operating within our Law Firm can be proud of their wide experience in the legal service provided on a permanent basis, which consists in the following:

  • drawing up contracts and expressing opinions,
  • providing advice in the field of commercial law,
  • labor law, and
  • other fields.
The Law Firm has extensive experience in the comprehensive service of many projects and economic processes.
There is also the possibility to gain legal advice and consultancy on an ongoing basis. Moreover, our lawyers are experienced in conducting vindication proceedings on behalf of their Clients.
Jacek Jerzemowski

Jacek Jerzemowski

Legal Advisor

He completed his legal internship at the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisors in Gdansk in 2006. As a graduate of the Post-Graduate College of Accountancy and Finances at the Faculty of Management of Gdansk University, he specializes in the civil law, commercial law and administrative law.

In the years of 2001 – 2010 he was affiliated with one of the most outstanding law firms in Poland (in 2006 he became its associate).

Jacek Jerzemowski renders legal services to many corporate entities of both domestic and international ambit operating in various branches. He supervised numerous projects juridically, including, among others, the process of re-allocation of assets owned by a railway company (the estimate value of the project was up to PLN 100 million), a project referring to the purchase of a handling terminal (the estimate value of the project is PLN 70 million). He also assisted one of the Spanish financial institutions in the process of commencing economic activity in Poland (including the preparation of complex internal regulations, draft agreements, by-laws etc.). He is a co-author of a prospectus for a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

He gained practical experience acting as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ATC Cargo SA (a company operating at the NewConnect market), Vice-President of the Supervisory Board of Wilbo SA (a company noted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange), a member of the Supervisory Board of Fota SA (a company noted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange), a liquidator of PolDok2000 Sp. z o. o., or a proxy of Arka Gdynia SSA.

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